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Updated: Jun 6, 2023

COLLABORATIVE TEAMBUILDING ACTIVITY: Alone we can do so little together we can do so much” Collaboration in an organization maximizes teamwork and the effectiveness of their communication. This type of team building activity is perfect for an organization to come together and work towards a common goal. Unlike competitive team building teams work together in a way that supports each other and help each other throughout a task. The activity gives employees a chance to demonstrate and appreciate the skills of other members of the team. Such type of activities fosters trust and patience within the team. It encourages team members to effectively communicate with each other as each member of the team actively listens to the ideas and concerns of others. Some of our activities that have a collaborative spirit are (a) Quest for Synergy (b) City Build (c) British Rail (d) The Big Picture and many more So how do you decide which one is better for your team? If you’re looking to have fun with your colleagues then either of the two can be fruitful for a team building event. To meet certain objectives depending upon your need you can choose the type of team building activities for your employees to meet the objective effectively.

READ MORE: 21 BENEFITS OF TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES IN YOUR ORGANIZATION COMPETITIVE TEAMBUILDING ACTIVITY “Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” In competitive team building activities, the groups compete against each other during a task. On the choice of the activity, teams face each other head-to-head to win a challenge or activity. The members of the team give their best to outperform each other and win the challenge. Competitive activities are fun and suited to teams that work within a competitive environment regularly. They can highlight the communication styles of those around you, and winning such type of activities can effectively boost morale and increases self-esteem. It is great and perfect for a certain type of teams especially those who work in a competitive environment at work every day. Some of our activities that have a competitive spirit are (a) F1 racing (b) Clash of Champions (c) Escape to Adventure (d) TAB Olympics and many more To know more about team building activities visit Tab Consulting’s official website.

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