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About Us

TAB was founded in 2008 with a focus on offering innovative Teambuilding programs and delivering on people engagement.

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In the last 15 Years TAB has upped its growth and constantly committed to creating advanced models to help in providing a fun-filled energizing environment.

We believe that “Employee Engagement is more than just a pat on the back”. It is all about a holistic approach to cultivate a better employee connect by using the diverse medium to ensure an engaged workforce. We are consistent in our approach to understand the need, creating tailor-made programs and executing the agreed deliverables with a high-quality service. We live up to our vision of engaging experience for all our clients at all levels.

We are passionate about innovating, planning and executing the best engagement experiences. Our activities help to strengthen relationships and deepen the understanding of individual skill sets. You can count on us to deliver a fun, memorable event virtually or in person with great team engagement and lasting results.


50% Average
Growth each Year

90% Client

Geographical Spread to over
20 States nationally

200+ Programs
every Year

Programs delivered in Asia Pacific
& Europe Internationally

Engagement Index

Mission Statement
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We aim to bring people together to share experiences that are fun, purposeful and make work life more memorable.


Our Mission is to provide extraordinary and innovative engagement solutions to every client with excellent execution and phenomenal service with mutual respect and professionalism at all times. It is important to us that we stay focused on our core values that guide us to our vision thereby helping the Client’s Organization achieve greater success.


Mutual Respect & Integrity

Execution Excellence


Our Team



(CEO, Co-Founder)

The goal of bringing about a transformative change in the market of corporate training solutions was one of the major reasons Abhimanyu Khanna began his entrepreneurial journey. A dynamic leader he was always drawn to things that deviate from conventional thinking. Subsequently, he felt a lack of satisfaction in his work life despite progressing regularly.

He has an excellent eye for detail and brings in a passion to spark ideas in eager minds and achieves new challenges. He is responsible for the growth of TAB today and leaves a positive impact on the audiences in all programs. He has worked as a Specialist in Quality and Training Department in Aegis, an Essar Group, formerly known as Global Vantedge. After 4 years of work experience, Abhimanyu decided to go on his own and started TAB in May 2008. His experience of building & leading teams enables him to bring practical, simple and powerful leadership, team building and change management lessons to the Programs that he conducts.

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(Director, Co-Founder)

An HR Professional, Priyanka always believed in following her dreams and making them in reality. In 2008 started with Take a Break Consulting which soon became one of the leading Teambuilding Program service provider across India. She completed her BCA from IGNOU in 2004 and MBA in HR from ITM in 2008. Her work experience includes Companies like Vcustomer as an executive, Aegis BPO as Specialist Employee Relations (HR) and Assistant Manager-Employee Engagement (HRD) in Alcatel Lucent.

Since all these years she has been a key pillar for Take a Break and has ensured that the Company reaches new Heights with each new day. Creativity is something which she possesses as a natural gift and has ensured that the same is forwarded to her Team. She believes that keeping a positive attitude can help us in overcoming any obstacle which comes our way. The same is reflected when she facilitates any Program. A specialist in conducting Employee Engagement Programs –she has ensured every time clients look forward to some pleasant surprises.


(Expert - Operations)

In 2014, TAB welcomed him to apply his years of experience in client servicing to build strong relationships. His approach involves taking the time to understand each client's unique needs and challenges, so he can create tailored solutions that exceed their expectations.

Having completed his civil engineering degree from IEC College of Engineering in 2012, He has also gained valuable experience in Operations Excellence.

He strives to create an environment where other team members can express their innovative ideas and collaborate with others to drive growth and success. He delivers exceptional client services that are tailored to meet their unique requirements.

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(Expert - Operations)

He is a Delhi Boy who manages our Admin & Operations. Archit started his professional career with TAB and is the youngest member of the lot. With his optimistic belief and the will to learn, he has come a long way. His strengths have been assessed by TAB and he is always on the lookout for to roll his sleeves up for something new and exciting.

He values bonding amongst our team members, as he believes it leads to a supportive and collaborative work environment. Archit is known for his uplifting and energetic personality, with an outstanding ability to engage and motivate teams and individuals.

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