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Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Navigating between the uncertainty of working from home, meeting deadlines, and justifying their value in the organization it is likely to feel burnt out. Thus, it becomes very important to motivate your employees to ensure that the organization grows exponentially. According to a study by Harvard Business School, 3 important key factors boost employees at work: (a) Play: The space to explore, experiment, and have fun can be a major motivator for individuals and teams. (b) Purpose: When people feel like their work has meaning, it motivates them to do better. (c) Potential: The potential to learn and grow is also a key factor in inspiring and motivating teams. Here are 10 powerful ways to motivate your team : 1. Lead by example: If you’re motivated enough when you to the workplace every day your team is likely to absorb your energy and get motivated. You can’t lead your team unless you are motivated yourself. 2. Ask your team: Everyone has a different definition of motivation. It is better to ask the employees in person what motivates them at the workplace and then take action on it. 3. Celebrate the wins: When your team does something fruitful it is very essential to build on that energy and capitalize on it to spread positive energy in the workplace. 4. Let your team set the rules: If you micromanage your team, your team is most likely to get frustrated and the motivation gets killed. Sit down with your team, release the controls, ask them for an ideal workflow and let them work with autonomy over how they work. 5. Teambuilding exercises: Teambuilding can be a very fruitful exercise to boost employee engagement and foster healthy relationships in an organization. It is one of the most powerful ways to engage the employees. These exercises will help them to collaborate and enable them to be productive at higher levels. 6. Identify the allies: Some people at the workplace are naturally motivated. Identify those people and put those people in charge of team meetings, projects and initiatives. Give them as many mentoring and leadership positions as possible. 7. Make room for side projects : The purpose and potential that working on personal projects gives your team will help to drive motivation, and that employee motivation will carry through to the projects you need them to work on. 8. Incentivize your team : If your team excels in a project, brings business to your organization or their work directly, or hits a goal, give them a clear incentive. If you want to motivate your team to power through a project, let them know that, if they hit the established deadline, you’ll treat the entire team to lunch or a big incentive. 9. Host Brainstorming sessions : Brainstorm different ideas with your team to identify what motivates them and help them grow in the workplace. It is the best way to get a sense of direction to motivate them which helps them to work with a sense of control. 10. Go to bat for your team: There are core essentials that are required in achieving results at a higher level like the right software tools, ample growth opportunities and fair compensation. If your team is working without those essentials, motivation can be a daunting task. If you don’t work on the solution your team will most likely remain unmotivated. You know your team has the potential, now you have these powerful tips to motivate them to bring out their best work. Get in touch with us at Contact us at 9999003719 Visit to know more about the activities.

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