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After the onset of COVID, we shifted our focus on Virtual Teambuilding to establish relationships among remote employees.

After years of experience and a lot of research, we specifically designed online games, and virtual sessions for employees to deliver an engaging experience through various web platforms. Even before the pandemic, employees had a challenge, building relations within different departments of an organization so virtual Teambuilding was the need of the hour during those critical times.

The employees were missing out on having chit-chats over a cup of tea, and discussing personal and professional issues during the crisis. We believe it is essential to keep the team united and uplift the morale of the hardworking employees. Our virtual sessions are designed in such a way that it is much more comfortable and accessible to everyone. After a thorough fun session of activities, icebreakers and games we ensure that our clients go back with smiling faces and moments that they cherish every moment of a session. We have built our reputation on energy and style. Our virtual sessions have a very high client retention rate & as a result we pulled off a mammoth 1200 + virtual sessions during the lockdown. Range of Teambuilding activities: Our clients often encounter “problem of plenty” when it comes to proposing activities for our clients. When it comes to virtual games and sessions we have hardly left a stone unturned in designing activities suited best for our clients. What is the Future? After restoring to normalcy employees may be focused more on physical Teambuilding sessions but some organizations or employees may choose to work remotely than ever before. There will be a greater need to organize Virtual Teambuilding sessions to inspire the teams and inculcate a feeling of ownership and unity in an organization to build a better work culture. Get in touch with us at Contact us at 9999003719

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